Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Senior Film - Update

I am very excited about the team that has agreed to work with me on this project.  They are all extremely talented, professional and eager to help.  Please forgive the re-posting of some images but I wanted to include everything in this updated package starting with the animatic, color script and newest character designs. 

Synopsis-  On the lawn of a cliché American University campus an experiment is taking place.  The scientists and the test subjects are attempting to activate a machine with unknown capabilities.  Despite their efforts the machine functions at only a fraction of a percent and has no visible reaction.  They decide to call off the test and begin packing up.  At this point a young boy will appear, curiously checking out the machine.  Upon first contact with the device a reaction occurs.  The scientists rush to stop the boy from entering the machine, but he does and it activates to it's full potential. 

I'm still playing around with a few different ideas for how to end it.


Color Script/Potential Look - Caleb Chappell

Character Design - Waymond Singleton

Live Reference - University of Virginia

Machine References
                                          Clips from the movie Contact and Lost in Space

Color Application and Style - Chris Appelhans (Fantastic Mr. Fox)

Feel - First image is from a Studio Goblines film, the other two are from The Boondocks which is now being produced by Studio Mir

 This is a little late in the day but still good

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