Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Senior Film - Update

I am very excited about the team that has agreed to work with me on this project.  They are all extremely talented, professional and eager to help.  Please forgive the re-posting of some images but I wanted to include everything in this updated package starting with the animatic, color script and newest character designs. 

Synopsis-  On the lawn of a cliché American University campus an experiment is taking place.  The scientists and the test subjects are attempting to activate a machine with unknown capabilities.  Despite their efforts the machine functions at only a fraction of a percent and has no visible reaction.  They decide to call off the test and begin packing up.  At this point a young boy will appear, curiously checking out the machine.  Upon first contact with the device a reaction occurs.  The scientists rush to stop the boy from entering the machine, but he does and it activates to it's full potential. 

I'm still playing around with a few different ideas for how to end it.


Color Script/Potential Look - Caleb Chappell

Character Design - Waymond Singleton

Live Reference - University of Virginia

Machine References
                                          Clips from the movie Contact and Lost in Space

Color Application and Style - Chris Appelhans (Fantastic Mr. Fox)

Feel - First image is from a Studio Goblines film, the other two are from The Boondocks which is now being produced by Studio Mir

 This is a little late in the day but still good

Friday, March 15, 2013


some rough animation from my mythology, this is the creation of rain and the trees

Monday, March 4, 2013

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Working on an explosion for a friend's senior film, here is some of the rough animation

2D Production Final Project - Progress

Backgrounds done in Photoshop

Animating in Toonboom, I did some of it in Flash and imported it, but the majority will be done in Toonboom